DuraLast CS-R14, 14"dia.X8 3/4" Duct Air Booster (UL Certified), 1500 CFM, 1/Ctn

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Product Overview

DuraLast CS-R14, 14dia.X8 3/4 Duct Air Booster (UL Certified), 1500 CFM, 1/Ctn Robs The Hot Or Cold Air From Rooms That Don't Need it And Gives To The Rooms That Do


  • Installs Easily In All Sizes And Shape Ducts
  • Adds 240-1500 CFM To Needy Rooms - FREE!
  • Over 1/2 Ton More Air Conditioning In The Summer
  • Over 164100 Horn Bill's 01heat In Tha Winter
  • Installation:
    • Fits in the branch duct of any room
    • Fits easily into any size or shape duct
  • Wiring Options:
    • Wire through a wall switch in the room. Turn on only when needed.
    • Wire through a 115V thermostat and automatically maintain desired temperature.
    • Wire through the blower relay so it comes on with the blower
  • Many Other Uses:
    • 1.Move hot air from a heat exchanger through a duct to a nearby room
    • 2.Move excess hot air over a stove through a ceiling duct to another room
    • 3.Thru-wall heat transfer to move heat to an adjacent room
    • 4.Boost return air to gravity flow furnaces

Item Specifications

  • Dimensions 8.75 x 14
  • Shipping Weight 7.5 lbs.
  • Fan (5-Blade) 12
  • CFM 1150
  • Voltage 220 VAC/span>
  • Cycle 60 Hz.
  • Watts 79
  • Amps 1.00 Max
  • 3 Certified For Use | At Max. Temp. 167 F