E Instruments MP 200 M (16470), Thermo-Anemo-Manometers

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MP 200 M
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E Instruments MP 20 M (164), Thermo-Anemo-Manometers
Portable thermo-anemo-manometer with backlit dgital display, pressure module (-2,50 to 2,50 Pa - 2 to 60 m/s) and 1 Thermocouple K/J/T channel (-20to +1,30 &dg;C). Functions: pressure, temperature, air velocity and airflow with Pitot tube, PC output. Supplied with 2x1m of silicone tube (black and white), Ø 6 mm stainless steel tube, 100m log, calibration certificate and aluminium transport case. Options : Pitot tubes, software, Thermocouple K probes, pressure modules, 4hermocouple-channel module, voltge/current module, CO/ambient temperature probe