HEATEX S2200-866-17-W, Sensible Rotary Energy Recovery Wheel (Wheel Only), 2200 wheel size, 86.6dia., 1.7 flute

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Product Overview

HEATEX S22-866-17-W, Sensible Rotary Enegy Recovery Wheel (Wheel Only), 22 wheel size, 86.6dia.,1.7 fluteMost of these enegy recovery wheels we provide have add-on options and customizations you can add that are not presented in the online store. Also freght can vary. So please call us (216-663-4or email (info@hVACrain.com) for more information.
is enegy recovery wheel mght be available in the followig media other than specifically noted in the product name:
poxy Coated Aluminum
ybrid Hgroscopic
A Molecular Sieve
lso there mght be some options as below:
heels for vertical mountig are available with either ball or slide bearig. Wheels for horizontal mountig are supplied with a special adapted ball bearig.
vailable as Standard with opened top, bottom and sides, or optional with all six sides covered.
ir leakge between wheel and casig is minimized with a brush seal mounted on the wheel allowig easy adjustment and loger life time. Also, the two air streams are separated with easily adjustable brush seals.
he unit is available with optional puge sector.
rive and Control (VFD) is available. It is also possible to have the unit supplied with only a constant drive motor for later connection to other control systems.
he drive belt is as standard, a self-tensioned welded round belt. As an option the unit can be supplied with a Power Belt.