Condair (Nortec) 607 (1519087) Steam Cylinder

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Product Overview

Condair (Nortec) 607 Cylinder Discontinuation Overview:

Condair Action

The following action items will take place during the planned phase-out of cylinder 607. 

  1. PN: 1519087 - Cylinder 607 model will be discontinued and phased out of production.
  2. Conversion kits (listed below) will be available to convert the 3-pin model to a 6-pin model for both single and dual cylinder humidifiers.
  3. All the older models with the valid Serial number are eligible for a 20% discount on new EL Series models. 
  4. Orders from and before 2013 will have to purchase the conversion kit when replacing the cylinder.  
  5. Orders from and after 2014 will be eligible to get the conversion kit free of charge. 

Conversion Kits:

  • PN: 2571019 – Kit, Cyl. Conversion, 607 to 605 Single 
    Converts the single cylinder 607 3-pin model to a 6-pin model by replacing the existing cylinder wire set. 
  • PN: 2571020 – Kit, Cyl. Conversion, 607 to 605 Dual
    Converts the dual cylinder 607 3-pin humidifiers to a 6-pin model by replacing the existing cylinder wire set.