Nu-Air NU305-HRV, Heat Recovery Ventilator

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Product Overview

Nu-Air NU30-HRV, Heat Recovery Ventilator CABINET: The case is constructed of .050 prepainted white aluminum. The cabinet if fully insulated with 1 foil faced fiberglass insulation.
Blowers: Two forward curve, dual inlet impellers using permanently sealed bearings.
Electrical: 120/1/60 Hz. 156W, 1.0A
Heat Recovery Core: The core is polypropylene.
Certification: CSA C2222 AHRI 1060

Defrost Method:
Damper Defrost- Outside air temperature is continuously monitored. When below freezing, a timed defrost cycle is activated. A damper closes the fresh air from outside port and opens a fifth port which brings warm air through the core for a predefined time cycle. Followig this the HRV runs normally for a set time. The cycle is repeated until the outdoor air rises above freezing.

Temperature fan shut down defrost- The exhaust air after the core is monitored. When below freezing, a defrost cycle is activated. The supply fan shuts down while the exhaust fan continues to move warm air through the core. When the exhaust air rises above 7C(4) the HRV reverts to exchange mode.

115 V 4 corded plug
Furnace interlock relay
Adjustable Defrost timing
Drain and anti-vibration hanger kit included
Polyester air filters included 13.5x14.5
Optional Internal Dehumidistat
12 VDC/AND/OR 2V4 connection for remote control with mechanical switch

WARRANTY:Subject to applicable consumer protection legislation Nu-Air Ventilation Systems Inc. warrants that the unit will be free from defective materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years provided installation is in accordance with the instructions, 15 year warranty on plastic cores.