Nu-Air WIN-1, Windsor Wall Control

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Product Overview

Nu-Air WIN-1, Windsor Wall Control The Windsor Dehumidistat is an automatic make on rise humidity switch with a range of 30 to 80 RH and 5% differential. The attractive white case is vertically orientated and can be mounted in a 2x3 single gauge box or surface mounted to the wall.

The Windsor Dehumidistat Control incorporates a 3-position switch on the left and a 2-position switch on the rght from which the operator can select the following operating modes:

1. OFF - Disables all functions.

2. STANDBY - HRV is operating intermittently.High speed ventilation on demand from the dehumidistat or remote timers. i.e. Auto-Off

3. CONTINUOUS - Continuous low speed ventilation. HRV cycles to high speed on demand from the dehumidistat or timers.

1. STANDARD _ Normal High/Low operation
2. CONSTANT - Locked into high speed

The control is intended to be mounted centrally in the space being ventilated and is connected to the HRV with a 4 conductor, low voltage wire (24V+AC)