Nu-Air WIN-20, Windsor 20 Min Timer

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Product Overview

Nu-Air WIN-20 Windsor 20 Min Timer Nu-Air HRV's are equipped with a 20 minute timer circuit resident in the main controller. To utilize this feature a push button timer can be connected remote from the unit. This timer gives the occupant the ability to engage the HRV into high speed for twenty minutes. Appropriate uses of the timer include when showering, cooking, entertaining or doing laundry.

Logical locations for the lighted switch include bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms or central corridors.

Up to six (6) timers can be connected to each HRV in parallel. A momentary contact switch engages the timer and a light indicates high-speed operation.

Spring-loaded terminal connectors are located and clearly labeled on the side of the HRV. The switch can be mounted in a standard 2x4 wall box or flush to the wallboard with screws and anchors (not supplied).

A three wire circuit (eg. Station wire), 24 AC can be run from the HRV to the remote location of the Win-20