Packard P2BK2558, Two Groove Pulleys For 4L Or A Belts And 5L Or B Belts 2.6" O.D. 5/8" Stock Bore

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Product Overview

Packard P2BK2558, Twogroove Pulleys For 4Or A Belts And 5L Or B Belts 2.6 O.D. 5/8 Stock Bore


  • PACKARD DRIVE P2BK_sheaves are accurately machined fromgrained cast iron, statically balanced, painted and individually packged. They are furnished with standard keyway and hollow head set screws.

Item Specifications

  • Dimension (In.) C: 1/4/span>
  • Dimension (In.) L: 1 31/32
  • Dimension (In.) O.D.: 2.6
  • Outside Diameter (In.): 2.6
  • Diameter (In.) Datum A: 2
  • Diameter (In.) Datum B: 2.4/span>
  • Dimension (In.) F: 1 3/4/span>
  • Dimension (In.) P: 15/32
  • Stock Bore (In.): 5/8
  • Pulley Type: 1