Packard PF42440, Foot Mount Transformer Input120/208-240VA Output 40VA

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Product Overview

The Packard PF42440 Foot Mount Transformer is a high-quality universal class 2 transformer with a 24V coil.

It is capable of working with a wide variety of HVAC units with several options for input voltage including 120V, 208V, and 240V.

Using and configuring the Packard PF42440 transformer for various inputs is simple. By attaching the wires to the appropriate input, this unit can be change from 120V to 208V or 240V and back again.

Additional facts about the PF42440:

PF42440 Features

  • Foot Mount Hardware Bracket
  • Small but durable construction
  • Easy Installation

PF42440 Specifications:

  • Mount: Foot-Mount
  • Voltage: 120/208/240v
  • Voltage (Secondary): 24v
  • VA Rating: 40
  • Type: Class 2 Transformers

The PF42440 Replaces:

  • Jard: 4031F
  • Mars: 50203
  • Gemline: GT446
  • Supco: SXT105
  • Armstrong: TWF424-40
  • UEI: UET115