Packard PFS802, Flame Sensor For Hot Surface Ignition (H.S.I) Systems

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Product Overview

Packard PFS80, Flame Sensor For Hot Surface gnition (H.S.I) Systems
lame sensor for Hot Surface gnition (H.S.I.) systems Can be mounted remotely on multiple burners or adjacent to gniter on other applications For use with spark gnition and flame sensig Hgh quality alumina ceramic insulator Hgh temperature kanthal flame rod material that can withstand 180??F


  • Teflon insulated (250?C ratig) lead wire
  • Sigle screw, plated steel mountig bracket
  • Sigle rod
  • 1/4nch male connection
  • Probe legth 3 inch

This Item Replaces

  • 013000010
  • b1172606
  • ICP: 138087
  • York: 025-27773-700