Pipe Fuser TK-550, Socket Fusion Bench Machine

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Pipe Fuser TK-550
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Product Overview

Pipe Fuser TK-550 Socket Fusion Bench Machine

PIPEFUSER TK-550 comes with dual wattage (1200 W and 2400 W) 220 VAC double heating elements for faster heating time. Optional 4000 W transformer available for 110 VAC operation

The thermostat control is infinitely adjustable for temperatures of up to 570 FThe machine can be used with heater adapter sizes in the 1/2" - 4" IPS range

The heater plate is Teflon coated for Butt Fusion applications if desired

PIPEFUSER TK-550 comes with 4 sets of guides to attach to the master jaws

The positioning in the axial direction is driven by means of a chain mechanism with perfect centering

Pipe Fuser TK-550 Specifications

  • Dimensions: L 34"x W 24"x H 14"
  • Warranty: 2 years