Ebac CD 85, Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier, 10293GR-US

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Product Overview

Ebac CD 85, Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier, 10293GR-USApplication
The EIPL CD85 commercial / industrial dehumidifier has been designed to provide energy efficient humidity control in a wide range of applications including offices, laboratories, apartments, storage areas, restaurants, bars, museums, locker rooms, computer, telecommunication rooms, basements and crawl spaces. It is a quiet, high efficiency, high capacity unit designed to suit your HVAC needs. The configurable inlet and outlet positions ensure flexibility for all applications.
b>Key Design Features
Adjustable control humidistat to maintain the level of dryness, A convenient drain point for condensate collection of hose attachment, Configurable Inlet and Outlet positions, Inlet Filter, EIP's unique "Hot Gas" defrosting feature which automatically meltsaway frost buildup providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures, Rugged, epoxy powder-coated steel chassis and housing, Simplicity of installation and operation with a standard 115V plug, Extra long power cord, High capacity, fully automatic, condensate pump
b>Proven Performance
The EIPL CD85 dehumidifier is a stand alone solution to your humidity problem. The unit is supplied with a humidistat, extra long power cord and long condensate tube. This preassembly makes the installation process simplistic, thereby reducing the overall installation and project cost. The high efficiency Rotary compressor ensures the maximum extraction with the lowest running costs. Rubber Anti vibration feet ensure any running / operation noise is kept to a minimum.
b>The Problem
Excess humidity in your crawl space, warehouse, office, factory or shop results in corrosion, mold growth and rotting. Enormous costs are incurred every year through damage to inventory and through inflated building maintenance costs as a result of dampness. Even if your building seems dry during the day, at night when the temperature falls the humidity rises and the condensation process begins. The compact physical size and high performance, makes the CD85 is the ideal choice for areas which require humidity control.
Get your desired humidity and this Ebac dehumidifier automatically maintains your humidity, eliminating the guesswork.
Anti-Vibration Feet - Rubber feet absorb vibrations to reduce the noise level of the machine while it operates.
Year Unconditional Warranty; 3-Year Warranty on Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator