Mars Air Curtains

Mars air curtains, also known as Mars air doors, from HVAC Brain are an environmentally friendly way to create a barrier in doorways that prevents outside air, insects, dust, odors and other troublesome elements from entering a given room. This is particularly helpful when applied to refrigerated doors to maintain sanitation at a low operating cost.

Mars air curtains in particular are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 25 to 144 inches. Improving the environmental comfortability of employees working in difficult conditions typically raises morale and job satisfaction. This is particularly true for high-foot-traffic commercial applications.

NOTE: Mars Air Curtains come in many variations. If you are unsure which Mars air curtain is correct for your application, contact one of our Mars air curtain experts. We can guide you to the correct air curtain for your needs.

Color Variations: Pearl White, Titanium Silver, Spartan Bronze, Stainless Steel, etc

Voltage Variations: 115/1/60, 208-230/1/60, 220/1/50, etc

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