Sterling Heaters

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Sterling HVAC is a division of Mastek and has been designing and manufacturing residential, commercial and industrial heaters over 50 years. Sterling manufactures gas-fired, oil-fired, hot water, and steam unit heaters. Sterling gas heaters, sometimes called Sterling garage heaters, can fit in large open areas, while blower units and duct furnaces discharge from the ventilation area. Sterling's oil-fired heaters work with number-two heating oil fuel, and their hot-water units connect to central boiler systems. HVAC technicians can apply Sterling heaters and Sterling unit heater parts for both commercial and industrial use.

Sterling Furnace Product Line:

Tubular Unit Heaters

GG SERIES Low Profile Unit Heater (Tubular Residential)
TF/TC/GF SERIES Tubular Propeller/Blower
SF/SC SERIES Tubular Separated Combustion
TD SERIES Tubular Duct Furnace

Hydronic Unit Heaters

HS/VS SERIES Steam and Hot Water

Indoor Duct Furnaces

QVED/QVES SERIES Indoor Duct Furnaces
QVSD SERIES Indoor Duct Furnace (Separated Combustion)

Oil Fired Unit Heaters


Cabinet Blowers

CAB SERIES Cabinet Blowers

Infrared Heaters

RSD/RSG SERIES Infrared Heaters
RSS/RSU SERIES Infrared Heaters

Others: Outdoor Duct Furnaces, Evaporative Coolers, Air Handlers, etc

RT/PV SERIES Outdoor Duct Furnaces
EV SERIES Evaporative Coolers
AH SERIES Air Handlers
ERMS SERIES Energy Recovery Module
RT/PV SERIES Indirect Fired Make-Up Air
ME/MS SERIES Indoor Indirect Fired Make-Up Air

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