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ACI Sensors

Automation Components, Inc., widely known as ACI, is Wisconsin-based manufacturer of sensors for the HVAC industry. ACI designs and manufactures tens of thousands of products, which can be shipped from HVAC BRAIN within a day or two after you place your order. ACI's products are very high quality and widely used in building automation applications.  They optimize the energy and operational efficiencies of commercial and industrial buildings.

Types of ACI Sensors, Transmitters and Other Products

ACI Temperature Sensors: Thermistors, RTDs, Semiconductor, Transmitter

ACI Humidity Sensors: Room, Duct, Outside Air, Wall Plate, RH/Temp, Remote

ACI Pressure Sensors: Differential, Wet-To-Wet, Gauge, Switches, Pitot Tubes, Pickup Ports

ACI Current Sensors: Fixed, Adjustable, Analog, Power Meter

ACI Gas Sensors: CO, NO2, CO2, Toxic Gas, Combustible Gas, Refrigerant, Controllers

ACI Interfaces: Analog, Pressure, Pulse, Resistive, Floating

Wireless: I/O Modules, Transivers, Sensors, Sensor Recievers

ACI Sensors Specialties:

Relative Humidity Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Current Sensors, Gas Sensors, Interface Devices, Wireless Sensors, Temperature Sensors, OEM, and Environmental Sensor