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ZSI-Foster is an industry leader for industrial pipe and tube clamping solutions for wide variety of applications. ZSI's most well known product might be cushioned pipe clamps such as the ZSI Cush-A-Clamp or "Cush-A-Clip". But its increasingly innovative product offerings has expanded to cover numerous pipe mount solutions as well as pipe clamps and accessories for strut structures. ZSI clamps are very popular because of their easy installation. For example, their new "Cush-A-Claw" vastly improves the efficiency when installing pipe with steel strut. It grasps your tube or pipe and simply holds it in place. The easy snap-in installation and sure grip strut base easily rotates into strut. It has an unique one piece patent pending design that allows for quick and simple installation, that won’t ever rust.

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ZSI Clamping Solutions:

  • Pipe, tube, hose clamps and mounting solutions
  • cable and conduit clamps, adel clamps


ZSI Cushioned Clamps:


ZSI Strut and Strip:

ZSI  offers strut and strap for vibration resistance, shock absorption. Almost all clamps ZSI manufactures can be mounted with strut efficiently.


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