Protec Cooling Towers

Protec Cooling Towers is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial crossflow and counterflow cooling towers. Protec Cooling towers can be designed in single, double or multiple configurations and all units are designed for maximum efficiency with low energy consumption. Protec uses non-corrosive materials to ensure a durable, long-lasting product. Protec Cooling Towers can process from eight to eighty nominal tons. The Protec Cooling Towers can resist corrosion and are made of polyester reinforced by fiberglass. The motor for the fan is TEFC/TEAO. Each is a bottle type design with an induced draft and vertical discharge. All of them are made to function at maximum efficiency with a minimal energy usage. From our Protec PCT-80 Cooling Tower to our Protec PCT-30 Cooling Tower we are confident that you will find the perfect cooling tower for your organization. Shop now!

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