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Cushioned Pipe Clamps by ZSI

ZSI-Faster manufactures a full range of pipe-clamping solutions, but is possibly most known for its cushioned pipe clamping systems such as Cush-A-Clamp and Cush-A-Nator. ZSI's cushioned clamping systems are made for vibration resistance, shock absorption and isolation of dissimilar metals. It comes with variety of mounting requirements such as strut mount or surface mount. Depends on your application, you can select types of cushion as well as types of metals of clamps. For example, "High temperature" version of Cush-A-Nator comes with a durable thermoplastic rubber that resists high heat up to 340F, the highest operating temperature range in the industry.

Cushioned Pipe Clamping Systems:

Cush-A-Nator Cush-A-Clamp Cush-A-Claw Cush-A-Click Cush-A-Clip
cushanator.jpg cushaclamp.jpg cushaclaw.jpg cushaclick.jpg cushaclip.jpg
Cush-A-Glide Cush-A-Grip Alpha Clamp Omega Series Porce-A-Clamp
cushaglide.jpg cushagrip.jpg alpha.jpg omega.jpg porce.jpg

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