Ebac PD 120, Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier, 1028200

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Product Overview

Ebac PD 120, Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier, 1028200Application
The EIPL dehumidifiers clear the air in damp interior spaces. Condensation is removed from windows, walls and ceilings. Stuffy air is drawn off and dry air is pumped back in. You simply set the dial and air humidity remains at the desired level. EIPI?fs range of dehumidifiers are energy savers.
b>Key Design Features
djustable control humidistat to maintain the level of dryness, A convenient drain point for condensate collection of hose attachment, EIP?fs unique temperature sensitive, ?gReverse Cycle?h defrosting feature which automatically melts away frost buildup providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures, Quite, 2 speed fan, Self-contained for quick and easy installation _ No duct work required, Can be ducted if desired, Sturdy military-type carrying handles, Totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case.
b>Proven Performance
he PD range of dehumidifiers are available in 2 sizes, 1HP & 2HP, providing adequate building blocks to allow correct sizing for all applications. Both units are equipped with temperature sensitive defrost, this unique feature ensures full drying capacity across the wide operating temperature range. Underside runners, with predrilled mounting points, along with optional duct flanges ensure installation time is kept to a minimum.
b>The Problem
hemicals and water vapor from your pool are constantly evaporating into the air increasing your humidity level. This high, humid air, will soak its way through anything, and equally as bad condense on your walls, roof, floor and windows causing corrosion, wood rot, mold and bacteria growth and an unhealthy environment. To protect your property investment, you need to dry out your home and keep it dry all year long with a properly sized pool or spa dehumidifier.
he unit's internal components are protected by powder-coated epoxy, heavy-gauge steel housing equipped with sturdy, military-like handles to ease mobility during installation
e unit operates effectively in temperatures from 33 degrees F to 95egrees F.
Year Unconditional Warranty; 3-Year Warranty on Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator