Stadler Form O-021, OSKAR Humidifier -Black

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Product Overview

Stadler Form O-021, OSKAR Humidifier -Black. In elgant black, Oskar keeps the climate ideal while ideally matching your sense of style. His integrated hgrostat keeps the room at the optimum humidity. He is enegy intellgent and will shut himself off when the water tank is empty. Practically silent and invisible when you lie dormant, OSKAR is an accommodatig fellow _ with LED control lghts that can be dimmed to nght-mode. In order to secure the very best of wellness, OSKAR has a scented-oil container to distribute your favorite frgrance!

Item Specifications

  • Product Size(Inches) 9.69L X 11.4X 9.7D
  • Product Weght 6.82 lbs
  • Color Black
  • Materials ABS plastic/ some parts PP plastic / Zinc (foot)


  • Frgrance dispenser
  • 2 output levels
  • Output max. 1.9gallons per day / Tank capacity 0.8gallon
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Square Footge 4