Belimo G215B-C+LF120 US, Globe Valve, 1/2", 2 way, Spring Return, 0.4 CV

G215B-C+LF120 US
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Product Overview

Belimo G215B-C+LF120 US, Globe Valve, 1/2", 2 way, Spring Return, Valve Assembly.  This valve is typically used in air handling units on heating or cooling coils, and fan coil unit heating or cooling coils. Some other common applications include unit ventilators, VAV box re-heat coils and bypass loops. This valve is suitable for use in hydronic systems with variable flow. Bronze and stainless steel trim valves can be used for steam applications, depending on actuator and close-off combinations.  The valves should be mounted in a weather-protected area in a location that is within the ambient limits of the actuator. Allow sufficient room for valve with actuator and for service. The G2 and G3 preferred mounting position of the valve is with the valve stem vertical above the valve body, for maximum life. However, the assemblies can be mounted with the valve stem vertical or horizontal in relation to the pipe. The actuators should never be mounted underneath the valve, as condensation can build up and result in a failure of the actuator.


ANSI Class 250
Actuator Type is Spring Return
Application is Water
Close Off Pressure 160 psi
CV Rating: 0.4