Condair (Nortec) RH2 Humidifiers

Condair (Nortec) is a dominant world leader in commercial humidification because of its state-of-the-art electronic technology. Condair designed a Nortec Humidifier called RH2 to bring the same high quality commercial features to home humidification. Condair (Nortec) RH2 is an electrode Nortec steam humidifier that provides clean pure steam by removing calcium and minerals from the water. All scale and mineral sediments is deposited into replaceable cylinder which makes maintenance super easy without the mess. Easy installation requires a potable watersupply, drainage and power.


Condair (Nortec) RH2 Models and Options:

Condair (Nortec) RH2 comes in 2 models: Duct, and Space. The duct model is designed for connection to a steam distributor installed in a supply air duct, or for connection to a remote blower pack. The space model is designed for applications where humidity is to be introduced directly into the conditioned environment. Each model also has QDV version which is the quietest residential steam humidifier in the market.

RH2 Models: Space(#2560952), Space + QDV(#2585378), Duct(#2560953), Duct + QDV(#2585376)

Condair (Nortec) RH2 Options and Accessories:

Steam Distributors:    Introducing steam into ventilation ducts.
Remote Blower Pack:  Introducing steam into conditioned environments.
Digital or Modulating Control Humidistats: Controlling the output of the humidifier based on sensed RH.
Digital or Modulating High Limit Humidistats: Preventing over-humidification in a duct by shutting down or throttling down the humidifier when RH approaches saturation.
Air Proving Switches: Ensuring humidification only occurs when air is moving in a duct.

Condair (Nortec) RH2 Duct Distributor Options:

Nozzle Distributor Kit:#1581820
RSD 10 Distributor Kit: #2553708
RMBP for RH2 Duct: #2564776

Condair (Nortec) RH2 Example Bundle for Duct Distribution:

RH2 Duct + QDV(2585376), RSD10 steam tube distributor(#2553708), ON/OFF wall humidistat, 5' of steam hose, 7' of condensate hose

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