Dwyer Instruments: Model DW-DATAPAD, Handheld Portable Data Viewer

Works With DW-USB Data Logger

The Model DW-DATAPAD Handheld Portable Data Viewer configures and reads data from up to 500 DW-USB data loggers and utilizes a 2.8" full color TFT touch screen display. Data can be displayed as a trend graph or a statistical summary, and can also be transferred to a computer using the provided cable and Windows® based software. Model DW-DATAPAD features a rechargeable lithium battery and has an average life of 5 to 8 hours under constant use.

The DW-DATAPAD is compatible with the following DW-USB data loggers: DW-USB-1, DW-USB-1-HT, DW-USB-1-LCD, DW-USB-2, DW-USB-2-HA, DW-USB-2-HA-LCD, DW-USB- 2-LCD, DW-USB-6, DW-USB-6-LCD, and DW-USB-LITE.

Model DW-DATAPAD Handheld Portable Data Viewer Applications

  • Calibration labs
  • Environmental chambers
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Storage warehouses

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