Dwyer Instruments: Series VFLO, Venturi Flowmeter with Magnehelic Gage

±2.5% Accuracy, Dual Scale in SCFM & in w.c.

The VENTURI FLOWMETER WITH MAGNEHELIC® GAGE is fabricated from aluminum and has a gradual Venturi profile to reduce pressure losses through the meter. Flexible connections enable the meter to be used in vertical or horizontal applications. The Magnehelic® gage provides a large, clear and accurate display of your differential pressure reading. Each meter is calibrated at standard atmospheric conditions. The dual scale reads in SCFM and in w.c. The meter is supplied with easy to read reference charts for various flow conditions. It is available in line sizes from 1" to 4" and can handle vacuum and pressure applications.

VENTURI Flowmeter Applications

  • Filter monitoring
  • Air velocity with Dwyer pitot tube
  • Blower vacuum monitoring
  • Fan pressure indication
  • Duct, room or building pressures
  • Clean room positive pressure indication


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