Dwyer Instruments: Series MTF, Multitube Flow System

Customize to Fit Application, 65 mm or 150 mm Variable Area Flow Tubes

Customize flow systems to meet application requirements. Systems can be configured with up to six different flow tubes with various flow capacities and flow patterns. The Series MTF Multitube Flow Systems are ideal for multichannel metering, mixing, or monitoring applications.

To Customize your flow system:

  1. Determine the flow pattern required for the application.
  2. Select a 65 mm or 150 mm frame, along with the appropriate number of tubes required, flow pattern, and wetted parts. Choose a 150 mm Gas Proportioner Frame (Series MTP) to blend the 2 or 3 gases at required concentrations. Gas proportioner frames are typically used at 50 psi.
  3. Choose the appropriate 65 mm or 150 mm correlated flow tubes, for air or water.
  4. Select a valve cartridge if desired that matches the range of the flow tube


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