Dwyer Instruments: Series IPV, Air Hammer

Single Impacting Type

Series IPV Air Hammer (single impact model) focuses on a limited target. Other equipment of the target is minimally affected by it. It is often applied onto a pipe or clean elbow in a tank filled with humidity or low specific gravity material.

The IPV series air hammer contains a powerful magnet inside the hammer. The hammer and magnet are tightly closed before activation. As the inlet air pressure gets higher than the force, this tightens the hammer and magnet. The hammer and magnet will separate and cause more strength for impact power. The spring will bring the hammer back to the initial position automatically after the impact. By doing this, the air pressure will be released and the strength of the air pressure will be delivered to the target impact container. It will help to smooth the flow and prevent accumulation inside the container.

Series IPV Applications

  • Bin vents
  • Bag houses
  • Dust collectors


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