Dwyer Instruments: Series 784, 4PDT Ice Cube Relays

15 Amp, 4PDT Operation

The Series 784 Electromechanical Ice Cube Relay is a full-featured 4PDT relay that can be used to handle loads up to 15 amps for AC or DC circuits. Utilizing the same trigger, this relay can be used in underground parking garage applications to signal audible and visual alarms for high levels of carbon monoxide, while opening the dampers and starting the exhaust fans. It features a flag status indicator and a LED status lamp to let the user know when the relay is activated. In order to differentiate between AC and DC actuated models, the push-to-test button is color-coded. For testing the operation, a removable lockdown lever holds the test button in place. The clear plastic housing gives a view of the contacts and there is a removable I.D. tag for labeling the circuit.

Series 784 Applications

  • Refrigeration compressor systems
  • HVAC motor controls
  • Water/wastewater pump control


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