Dwyer Instruments: Series LCT216, Digital Timer / Tachometer / Counter

3 Controls in 1 Device, DIP Switch Configuration

The Series LCT216 combines a versatile timer, counter, and tachometer in one device. The bright, easy-to-read display shows both the desired set point and the current process value as well as the operating mode that the control is functioning in. The fourteen pre-programmed timer functions are easy to set up and cover most applications. The counting functions include one stage or two stage counting along with batch, total, or dual counting modes. The Series LCT216 can also be used as a tachometer to measure rotational speeds. For quick set up, many of the programming parameters can be set with external dip switches located on the side of the unit.

Series LCT216 Applications

  • Industrial ovens
  • Batch counting in conveyor systems
  • Silk screening equipment


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