Dwyer Instruments: Series 16A, Temperature/Process Controller

1/16 DIN, Universal Input, Fuzzy Logic, Self-Tune PID

Latest microprocessor based technology affords full programmability with complete array of features in compact ultra low cost unit. 16A Series Temperature/Process Controller features universal input, Self-Tune PID, Fuzzy Logic, and dual four-digit LED displays for process and set point value. Selectable inputs can be thermocouple, RTD, current or voltage. Available outputs are solid-state relay, relay, pulsed voltage, or proportional current Programmable alarm (optional) can be reset automatically or manually. Front panel is waterproof and corrosion resistant (UL type 4X), making it ideal for sanitary applications. Replace electronics without wiring changes (via removable front panel). Self diagnostics, nonvolatile memory and selectable control modes are all designed for greater productivity. Four security levels are password protected. On-off, P, PI or PID manual tune control functions can be selected or the controller will Self-Tune automatically for best PID control.

The 16A offers the best value in Standard Features in a Process and Temperature control. In addition to the features listed above, the 16A offers Peak/Valley indication, Percent Output indication, Digital Input Filter, and a host of others.

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