Dwyer Instruments: Series LVT, Digital Programmable Indoor Thermostats with Heat Pump Control

4 Event - 2 Day Program Schedule, Filter Use Indicator

The Series LVT Digital Programmable Indoor Thermostat with Heat Pump controls the ambient temperature inside of commercial and residential buildings. For energy conservation, the thermostats have separate programming for weekdays and weekends, along with four programmable events per day to allow building owners to have different settings for occupied and unoccupied times of the day. Set points are stored for both heating and cooling stages to eliminate the need to reprogram when the seasons change. Internal jumpers allow for the selection of the engineering units, time delay between compressor starts and fan controlled heating type. A system and filter usage timer can be used as a maintenance tool to schedule filter replacement. A filter icon will display when the filter needs to be changed. For protection against frozen pipes, if the temperature falls below 40°F (5°C), the heater will be turned on regardless of the set point.

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