Dwyer Instruments: Model 160G, Averaging Air Flow Grid

Extends Over 50" to Aid in Air Flow Output Checks

The Model 160G Averaging Air Flow Grid is a precision sensing instrument used to measure face air velocity on grills, diffusers, registers, exhaust hoods, coils, filters, dampers and similar restrictions. With its 16 sensing points, the 160G Air Flow Grid provides an average flow sensing area across its 16.5" length and width. Included color coded tubing connects to the integral barbed fittings, providing a differential pressure signal to a gage or manometer where the readings can be converted into a velocity or flow reading. The 160G comes standard with an 18" handle and two 17" extensions offering a maximum reach of approximately 52". The uniquely designed swivel and tightening nut allows the user to position the sensing grid at any angle for ease of use in hard to reach locations. Store in the separate UHH-C2 hard carrying case with foam cut-outs perfectly sized for the 160G, as well as various other instruments in the AQTI Air Quality Test Instruments line.

Model 160G Applications

  • Measure face air velocity on grills, diffusers, registers, exhaust hoods


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