Dwyer Instruments: Model 8904, Integral Vane Thermo-Anemometer

Large 1.3" Dual Display, One Hand Operation

Simultaneously measure air velocity and temperature with the Model 8904 Integral Vane Thermo-Anemometer. The large 1.3" (34 mm) display allows users to easily view readings. User-selectable wind speed units include ft/min, m/sec, knots, mph and km/hr. Additionally, a built-in sensor records ambient temperature in °F or °C. Model 8904 features include data hold, the ability to record minimum, maximum and average readings on a single point and an RS-232 interface setting. The units can also record and average up to 2 hours of data while displaying the continuous running average. Model 8904 includes hard carrying case, battery and instruction manual. This compact meter is ideal for HVAC inspection, energy audits and balancing applications.

Model 8904 Applications

  • This meter is most ideal for measuring heat, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigerating wind flow and temperature


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