Dwyer Instruments: Series 2700 & 2800, Current to Pressure Transducer

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Compact Size, Reliable

The Series 2700 Current to Pressure Transducer combines economical startup cost, low air consumption, and reliable performance to make the 2700 a great investment. The unit converts a variable current signal to a proportional pneumatic output. It has input and output ports on both the front and back which allows for versatile plumbing. The NEMA 4X enclosure enables the unit to be installed indoors or outdoors, however, the unit is not vibration resistant. It is FM and CSA approved for intrinsically safe operation. The 2700 is designed for remote or panel mounting. An integral volume booster provides high flow capacity, increasing control speed in critical applications. Other features include external zero and span adjustments which are convenient for field calibration.

The Series 2800 Current to Pressure Transducer utilizes closed loop pressure feedback system that closely controls output and compensates for vibration, mounting angle, temperature, and supply pressure variations. These characteristics make this unit ideal for field mounting on a valve. The control mechanism is a piezoceramic actuator encapsulated in a protective skin, which provides a constant defense against humidity and contaminants. These features make this unit ideal for use in demanding applications. The 2800 also comes in a NEMA 4X enclosure and is field reversible. It is FM and CSA approved intrinsically safe, as well. For ease of installation, this model has input and output ports on both the front and back and can be easily panel mounted.

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