Dwyer Instruments: Series DCV/RDCV, Diaphragm Valve

NPT connections, Easy Installation

The Series DCV/RDCV Dust Collection Valves are ideal for use with the Series DCT1000 and Series DCT500 duct collection timer boards. Both the Series DCV and RDCV have the option for either coupling or NPT connections. The coupling connection allows for a quick and simple installation. Only the stub pipe and blow tube need to be cleaned and deburred before the valve is fit into position. The "T" Series DCV has female threaded connections. Both the "C" and "T" versions have a 90° angle between the inlet and outlet the most suitable configuration for pulse valve applications. The design offers not only ease of installation, but also minimal airflow restriction for an exceptional cleaning pulse. The valves are offered in both integrated and remote coil configurations.

The Muffler Accessory can be easily file installed to any diaphragm valve with an exhaust. Pneumatic exhaust ports are on the diaphragm valves that have dual diaphragms and the units with the integral mounted solenoid. The muffler decreases the amount of noise when the air is exhausted from the valve. Valves with dual diaphragms and an integral solenoid have two exhaust ports and will require (1) A-237 and (1) A-238.

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