Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers (Air-To-Air)

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Heatex offers a broad range of crossflow plate heat exchangers that are easy to mount and to maintain. The design allows rapid and thorough cleaning and servicing. Heatex double sealing system, gluing and folding, offers lowest cross contamination and highest fresh air quality. Heatex crossflow plate heat exchangers comply with hygiene standard EN13779 and clean room standard DIN1946 part 4.
Model H is a high-performance, low-weight, crossflow plate heat exchanger with typical dry temperature efficiency up to 65% for single pass and 85% for two-step arrangements. The efficiency is improved by a unique plate design creating turbulence even at lower velocities.
The strong aluminium plates in high standard alloy gives the products a long life time and with no moving parts the maintenance and service costs can be kept to a minimum.
The wide range of sizes enables this model to cover a broad application span, from the lowest air flows to the largest commercial installations. Optimal thermal design can be achieved through an enormous choice of plate distances.
Numerous standard options include epoxy coating, lacquered framework, extra airtight sealing, bypass, dampers, choice of corner profiles, slide-in profiles, flat or flanged end-plates, and a choice of seals for different temperature ranges and applications.

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