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Portable Heaters

Portable heaters from HVAC BRAIN are a great value. Shop our selection of portable heaters, ranging from smaller under desk heaters at 170w to massive 40KW portable heaters that can keep large spaces like warehouses and construction sites warm in the winter. Easy to transport and set up, these portable heaters can save you the pain of trying to work in the cold!

Portable Electric Construction Heaters

One of the notable uses for these portable heaters is in the construction industry. If you're looking for a portable electric construction heater for your job site, look no further. HVAC and construction professionals turn to HVAC Brain every winter for their jobsite heater needs. For professionals that need a modular heat source that cannot be permenently installed into a work site (unlike warehouse or garage heaters) models like the Raywall Salamander series does just the trick to keep your crew warm and safe from hypothermia risk caused by dropping temperatures.