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Islandaire EZ Series 25, PTAC (Thru The Wall Air Conditioner)

  Islandaire EZ Series 25 is a replacement for the American Air Filter models
of SC Nelsonaire Series 25 units. Our commercial duty construction with
heavy gauge galvanized steel and superior components create an efficient
reliable unit. This design eliminates the need for any interior or exterior
renovation. Use of the existing wall sleeve-cabinet and louver saves time
and money, two very important factors in today's competitive environment!
If the need does occur where the wall sleeve-room cabinet and/or louver
needs to be replaced, we manufacture these accessories as well. Flat or
sloped top version available.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • ETL listed products
  • Superior Energy Efficiency Ratios (EERs)
  • Commercial Duty Construction with Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Designed for exact replacement of existing sleeve opening
  • Energy Efficient Rotary Compressors
  • P.S.C. Evaporator and Condenser Motors
  • High-Efficiency Refrigeration Coils Used to Provide Superior
    Heat Transfer
  • Units Available as Cooling only, Cooling with Electric Heat,
    Cooling with Hydronic Heat,or Heat Pumps
  • Custom Options Available
  • Available with State-of-the-Art Digital Inteiiitemp™
    Control System
  • Available with wired and wireless wall thermostats
  • NYC MEA Number 358-93-E


Heating capacities specified in accordance with ARI standard 380-82 at conditions of 47°FWB outdoor and 70°F DB/60°FWB indoor. Wattage.Amperage. COP. EER listings include compressor, evaporator motor and condenser fan motor.Cooling capacities specified in accordance with ARI standard 380-82 at conditions of 95°F DB/75°FWB outdoor and 80°F DB/67°FWB indoor.

Heat and Line Voltage Options:

(1)Voltage is Single Phase,Alternating Current and R.M.S. (2) Heating Capacity (B.T.U./Hr.) based on indoor blower motor and heating elements. (3) Amp values are a combination of indoor blower motor and heating elements.

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