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Islandaire EZ Series FM, PTAC (Thru The Wall Air Conditioner)



  • Superior Energy Efficiency Ratios (EERs).
  • Commercial Duty Construction with Heavy Gauge
    Galvanized Steel.
  • Positive Condensate Removal System Reduces
    Condensate Staining.
  • All Chassis Proudly Made in the USA
  • Rotary and Reciprocating Compressors Available.
  • Emerson, General Electric, and MagneTek P.S.C.
    Evaporator and Condenser Motors Used.
  • High Tech Rifled and Enhanced Refrigeration Coils
    Used to Provide Superior Heat Transfer.
  • Ranco Thermostats Provide Accurate, Dependable
    Temperature Sensing.
  • Units Available as Cooling only, Cooling with Electric
    Heat, Cooling with Hydronic Heat, or Heat Pumps.
  • Custom Options Available.
  • Available with State-of-the-Art Digital InteHitemp™
    Control System.


Heating capacities specified in accordance with Aft I standard 38(^82 at conditions of 47«T WB outdoor and 70»F DB/60«F DB indoor Wattage. Amperage. COP. EER listings include compressor, evaporator motor and condensor fan motor. Cooling capacities specified in accordance withARI standard 380-82 at conditions of 95<»F DB/75«>F WB outdoor and 80»F DB/67«*FWB indoor

Heat and Line Voltage Options:

islandaire-ez-fm-heat.jpg islandaire-ez-fm-volt.jpg

(1) Voltage is Single Phase Alternating current and R.M.S. (2) Heating Capacity (B.T.U/Hr.)based on indoor blower motor and heating elements (3) Amp values are a combination of indoor blower motor and heating elements.

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