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KoldWave: Portable Heating Units and InLine Blower

Small Horizontal Heaters – 15 kW to 60 kW

  • Mounted on casters (swivel/lockable) for ease of mobility
  • The cabinet size permits easy access through most doorways to get the unit where it is needed
  • Grab handles
  • Typically the units are ducted, but can be provided with an optional free-blow bi-directional grille


Large Horizontal Heaters – 150 kW

  • Mounted on a 4-way integral lifting pod
  • Up to four stages of heat provide for the heat output to match the load requirements.
  • Heavy duty welded cabinet can be stacked for storage to save valuable floor space
  • Use high static blowers to move the heated air through the flexible ducts to the space being heated


InLine Blower – 5,000 CFM

  • Horizontal cabinet
  • Mounted on casters
  • 4-way pod provides for use of a forklift from all sides
  • Unit designed for ducted applications (20") with up to 5" External Static Pressure (ESP)


Standard Features

  • Unit Capacities: 15, 30, 45, 60, 100 and 150 kW
  • Duct Collars
  • Durable Finned Tubular Heating Elements
  • Terminal Block Power Connection
  • Power Indicator Light
  • White Powder Coat Finish
  • Casters (Swivel/Lockable)
  • Main Circuit Breaker
  • Cleanable Filters
  • Mode Switch
  • Unit Mounted Thermostat