Qmark Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters heat a space by drawing in cool air and heating it with heating coils and fins. They are often placed underneath windows to counter heat that is lost through the glass in cold weather. HVAC BRAIN has a wide variety of Marley/Qmark baseboard heaters available at affordable prices through its online store.

Main Qmark Baseboard Heater Models:

2500 Series Electric
HBB Series Electric Hydronic
QMKC Series Commerical
CBD Series Commerical

Qmark Convection Heater Models:

Convectors below are very similar to baseboard heaters but maybe a better option for your application.

KCJ Series Institutional Electric
DBA & SHA Series Architectural Sill-Height
DBSL Series Slimline Aluminum
SLQDB Series Draft Barrier
CPH & DPH Series Commercial & Decorative Pedestal
CSH Series Commercial Sill-Height
DSH Series Decorative Sill-Height
ST Series Commercial Slope-Top

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