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Siemens: Sensors

Siemens sensors are designed for use with building automation systems. These high-quality sensors provide optimal data to automate control over crucial climate components, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. Siemens sensors are suitable for commercial and industrial automation applications.

Buying Siemens sensors online can be an overwhelming process for HVAC professionals who are used to ordering from traditional from HVAC supply house catalogues. If you're not sure of the Siemens sensor you need, or require help ordering, contact us! Our Siemens sensor experts can guide you to the right product for your applications.

Siemens Temperature Sensors

Some of the most popular Siemens sensors that we carry at HVAC BRAIN are the wide range of Siemens temperature sensors. Proper building automation and control depends entirely upon the precision and accuracy of temperature sensors. When a sensor malfunctions or wears out, you reduce the efficiency of your building automation considerably. That's why HVAC BRAIN carries a wide variety of replacement Siemens temperature sensors to keep your operation running at peak efficiency.