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Sterling Heaters

HVAC BRAIN carries all heaters from Sterling. Please contact or call 216-663-4822 to order.

Sterling HVAC is a division of Mastek and has been designing and manufacturing residential, commercial and industrial heaters over 50 years. Sterling manufactures gas-fired, oil-fired, hot water, and steam unit heaters. Their gas-fired propeller heaters can fit in large open areas, while blower units and duct furnaces discharge from the ventilation area. Sterling's oil-fired heaters work with number-two heating oil fuel, and their hot-water units connect to central boiler systems. HVAC technicians can apply Sterling heaters for both commercial and industrial use.

Sterlinng Heater Product Line:

Tubular Unit Heaters

GG SERIES Low Profile Unit Heater (Tubular Residential)
TF/TC/GF SERIES Tubular Propeller/Blower
SF/SC SERIES Tubular Separated Combustion
TD SERIES Tubular Duct Furnace

Hydronic Unit Heaters

HS/VS SERIES Steam and Hot Water

Indoor Duct Furnaces

QVED/QVES SERIES Indoor Duct Furnaces
QVSD SERIES Indoor Duct Furnace (Separated Combustion)

Oil Fired Unit Heaters


Cabinet Blowers

CAB SERIES Cabinet Blowers

Infrared Heaters

RSD/RSG SERIES Infrared Heaters
RSS/RSU SERIES Infrared Heaters

Others: Outdoor Duct Furnaces, Evaporative Coolers, Air Handlers, etc

RT/PV SERIES Outdoor Duct Furnaces
EV SERIES Evaporative Coolers
AH SERIES Air Handlers
ERMS SERIES Energy Recovery Module
RT/PV SERIES Indirect Fired Make-Up Air
ME/MS SERIES Indoor Indirect Fired Make-Up Air