Air Curtains - Unheated


Unheated air curtains offer an effective way to keep unwanted dust, debris and flying insects out of indoor areas. These curtains of unheated air also serve as an effective barrier against heat loss during the winter and the loss of cool conditioned air during the summer. Available in various sizes, air curtains are easy to install and energy efficient. Use these devices over open doorways in both commercial and industrial environments.


NOTE: Mars Air Curtains come in many variations. Should you can not find air curtains that does not meet your requirements, please email us to info@hvacbrain.com or call us at 216-663-4822.

Color Variations: Pearl White, Titanium Silver, Spartan Bronze, Stainless Steel, etc

Voltage Variations: 115/1/60, 208-230/1/60, 220/1/50, etc

Also, contact us for accessories for the air curtains !

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