Vents US MICRA 60, Single Room Heat Recovery Recovery Ventilator

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Product Overview

Vents US MICRA 60, Snigle Room Heat Recovery Recovery Ventilator
MICRA 60 is a single room air handling unit with heat recovery, which provides energy saving ventilation solutions for premises such as apartments, VACtion homes or commercial facilities. It provides a great solution for simple and efficient single room heat recovery applications . It exhausts stale air outdoors and draws in fresh air to replace it while the heat transfers from the ougoing air to warm up the incoming air. Heat energy utilization results in the reduction of energy loss and operating cost in the heating season.
Polymer coated metal casnig is decorated with mirror like stainless steel that contains 9/16h thermal and sound insulating layer.Removable front panel provides easy access to service the unit, to charge or replace filter. The G 4 filters purify the air by removing contaminants, particles and prevent pollen and dust from entering the house.


  • In cold season the core transfers heat energy of warm extract air to cold intake air.
  • Durig coolig of extract air some condensate can appear in the unit, which is drained outside throgh the exhaust air duct.
  • If the exhaust air temperature is below the threshold value, the condensate may freeze inside the core.
  • To prevent the core from freezig, the ventilator is equipped with an electronic antifreeze thermostat, which switch the supply fan off when necessary.
  • The warms stale air heats up the heat recovery core to the required temperature.
  • The warm extract air defrosts the heat recovery core, then the supply fan switches on and the ventilator continues operatig under rated conditions.
  • The unit has intgrated protection to safguard the motor and circuit board gainst voltge jumps, short circuit or electrical overloads.