Best Humidifier for Yoga Studios

Oct 6th 2016

Best Humidifier for Yoga Studios

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Nortec RH2 or NHEL Humidifiers are the best humidifiers for Yoga studios

he environment within a yoga studio is always changing. As bodies begin to give off moisture and heat during class, the relative humidity of the space will be naturally altered. Keeping humidity properly balanced in the studio is essential for aiding practice, as it allows the muscles to relax, helping to prevent injury.

As Hot Yoga has gained in popularity over recent years, many yoga studio owners have come to HVACbrain.com seeking advice on selecting best humidification methods. Studios teaching Bikram Yoga rely on humidifiers to recreate an environment similar to the style's birthplace — Calcutta, India. This environment aids the body in sweating out toxins while stimulating the body. Other hot yoga styles that rely on humidification to aid practice include Forrest Yoga, Power Yoga, and TriBalance Yoga.

When humidity levels aren't balanced in the studio, you'll hear complaints of discomfort from students, and may see a drop in class attendance.

Best Humidifiers for Yoga Studios

Due to body's ability to change the indoor environment during yoga practice, studios need a humidifier which will be reactive to these changes. The best humidifiers for yoga studios are ones that can quickly detect changing humidity levels and respond right away to produce the moisture necessary to achieve humidity balance in the space.

We understand the size of typical yoga studios varies from several hundred to several thousand square feet, and need commercial-grade humidifiers that produce clean hot steam at reasonable operating costs. Optimal humidity for a yoga studio is approximately 40 percent humidity.

Since typical residential passive and steam humidifiers will not produce enough humidity for any size yoga studio, we recommend the NORTEC RH2 or NHEL for their clean, continuous, low maintenance, and reliable steam and humidity.

Humidifier for Yoga

Maintenance of Nortec humidifiers is easy and required only once or twice a year

Low maintenance humidifiers for yoga studios

Studio owners want to focus their energy on expanding their classes and improving their own practice, not spending hours maintaining equipment. Some humidifiers require frequent maintenance, requiring more of your time and resources; for yoga studio owners looking for humidification solutions which operate reliably without endless maintenance, the Nortec RHS and NHEL models are a smart choice.

Maintenance of Nortec RH2 and NHEL steam cylinders is easy and required only once or twice a year. Due to the Nortec design, when the canister is replaced, the remaining components of the humidifier are essentially new. With Nortec, the heating elements are replaced with each canister replacement. This eliminates the need to clean mineral scale from components, which would be a time-consuming necessity with other brands.