Video Showcase: A look at Ebac Industrial Products desiccant dehumidifiers

Mar 9th 2017

Video Showcase: A look at Ebac Industrial Products desiccant dehumidifiers

While attending the 2017 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, we got the opportunity to check out  Ebac Industrial Products latest offerings in their desiccant humidifiers line. Desiccant dehumidifiers are great to use in an environment where the relative humidity level has to be below 30%. Ebac Industrial Products' units are excellent dehumidifiers since they are low maintenance and can operate in sub zero temperatures.The popularity of Ebac Industrial Products' dehumidifiers with the plant hire trade speaks for their reliability, portability and outstanding durability.

Ebac Industrial Products units have a compact, rugged, lightweight design that facilitates easy transportation by one person and are easily accommodated within space restricted areas. Each unit incorporates a PTC Heater ensuring maximum drying is immediately reached and constantly maintained while the unit is running. In addition to the hours run meter, which shows the units running time, an ammeter is also incorporated in order to monitor the units drying effectiveness. Manual and automatic controls are a standard feature within the DD range of desiccant dehumidifiers, and a remote humidistat can quickly and easily be connected for automatic operation and control. These desiccant dehumidifiers are all manufactured from a high grade stainless steel, ensuring a rust free product when used in the most severe of applications. The spigot connectors allow quick and easy installation. All models incorporate a high efficiency patented PPS Rotor. This design incorporates an 82% active Silica Gel to ensure optimum performance over the equipments wide operating range of environments. All desiccant rotors supplied by EIPL are washable, and designed for high performance / long life.

What industries use desiccant dehumidifiers?

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Healthcare
  • Chemical processing
  • Plastics
  • Agricultural

Smaller applications

See Rodney Smith from Ebac Industrial Products showcase the  DD200DD300, and DD400 units. These units are great for smaller applications like meat lockers or labs. 

Mid to large applications

Rodney Smith had desiccant dehumidifiers for mid to large applications on site as well. In the video below, he showcases the  DD700DD900, and DD1200 models and the DD3000, DD6000, DD9000, and DD12000. 

Ebac Industrial Products is Europe's leading manufacturer of dehumidifiers and is a name you can rely on. No matter how extreme the conditions, these units cope comfortably even at the coldest temperatures. Every dehumidifier is designed for efficiency and ruggedness, and built to last.