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Nortec Humidifier

Nortec Humidifiers are compliant to OSHPD regulations and consist of electric, boiler steam, evaporative and gas-fired models. The humidifiers use compressed-air and water to create a clean uncontaminated air, providing not only energy efficient humidity, but also cooling. Nortec humidifiers are easily cleaned and maintained and provide reliable operation for a wide variety of applications, ranging from office buildings to laboratories, along with hospitals and other commercial, industrial or residential buildings. Nortec is a trustworthy brand that has spent years improving their designs.

Nortec Parts

Nortec parts from HVAC BRAIN are an inexpensive way to get your Nortec humidifier up and running again without hurting your annual expenses. HVAC BRAIN carries a number of Nortec parts that can help you repair your Nortec HVAC equipment without breaking your maintenance budget. For HVAC repair companies, our Nortec parts can help you stay profitable even in the most unlikely of contracts. If you have questions about Nortec parts on our site, don't hesitate to contact us! Our Nortec parts experts can help guide you to the appropriate Nortec part that you need to get your HVAC equipment up and running again. We carry thousands of Nortec parts, including the Nortec steam cylinders such as popular Nortec 202 Steam Cylinder and the Nortec 201 Steam Cylinder.

Nortec Humidifiers

While Nortec is typically known by HVAC professionals simply as "Nortec" it is important to understand the scope of the Nortec company. Nortec is also known as Nortec humidifiers, because the company specializes in humidifiers for many industries. Hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and many other businesses have come to trust Nortec humidifiers to help control the humidity of their facilities. Nortec humidifiers are typically chosen because of their competitive prices and durability. However, as with all HVAC equipment, Nortec humidifiers can break down over time. That's why HVAC BRAIN has a broad range of Nortec humidifier parts to help keep your climate control operational without raising your bottom line.