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Siemens Actuators and Valves

Siemens is a leading manufacturer of building automation and HVAC control solutions designed for many industries. With such a massive product lineup, it only makes sense that HVAC BRAIN carries the Siemens brand! Siemens is known for their wide range of parts including Siemens control valves, Siemens damper actuators, Siemens VFD drives and Siemens thermostats.


Siemens Valves & Actuators

Siemens Parts

Siemens offers a wide range of valves, actuators and drives to suit a variety of applications, including standard HVAC applications as well as industrial and special applications. These products are designed for dependable, accurate control and building automation. All Siemens VFD drives and Siemens control valves can be perfectly matched to accommodate any building automation needs.

Siemens HVAC

Siemens line of HVAC and building automation equipment is one of the most well known brands in the HVAC industry. Siemens automation and HVAC control parts from HVAC BRAIN are competitively priced to reduce the impact on your bottom line. Facilities managers and HVAC professionals can benefit from our ultra-low prices on Siemens HVAC parts. Don't overpay with Siemens HVAC parts providers who don't specialize in HVAC and control parts. HVAC BRAIN focuses exclusively on HVAC parts, so you can rely on our experts to help you find the Siemens HVAC part that meets your needs.