Amtrol: EX Packages: Extrol Combination Kits

Extrol expansion tanks accept expanded fluid in closed-loop hydronic systems to control pressure buildup, improve comfort and help reduce energy costs. Nearly seven decades after inventing the first diaphragm expansion tank, Amtrol’s lineup now includes specialty models engineered for modern, high-efficiency systems. None of it would have been possible without Extrol – The One That Started It All™.

Amtrol EX Packages: Extrol Combination Kits Features

  • Strongest Tank Design Featuring Deep Drawn Steel and Multi-Dome Construction.
  • Thickest Diaphragm – Heavy Duty Butyl/EPDM.
  • Projection Welded Air Stem to Help Eliminate Leaks.
  • Patent-Pending InSight™ Service Indicator Cap.
  • In-Line Models Available in 2.0 through 14.0 Gallons
  • Freestanding Models Available in 14 through 86 Gallons.
  • Combination Packages Include an Air Purger (1″ Model 443 or 1-¼” Model 444) and an Air Vent (Model 700-C).

Amtrol EX Packages: Extrol Combination Kits Specifications 


Amtrol EX Packages: Extrol Combination Kits Installation


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